Email Marketing Software Review – Aweber Vs GetResponse

Pros: Aweber definitely has stood the test of time, proving itself time again. It’s simple to setup and get started. It’s always encouraging when you see that only very successful individuals whose emails get into inboxes are utilizing Aweber. Their customer service has been great to answer questions when was having account setup and having questions on some things about how to maximize your account.

AWeber Review | PCMag

Cons: This might be a slight con to what is considered a top feature of aweber email marketing tools. While it’s cheap, it does lack something a little bit. The email software doesn’t have the auto-responder feature. It may be a small thing but I felt that this could be a real negative since many feel that this is a necessary feature when trying to build a large list of followers.

If you’re used to getting your autoresponder messages without, then this could be a con to you. Since it’s also a free tool, you might think that aweber would want to ensure that you can get your messages to subscribers. Well, this can be a con if you aren’t used to this. The auto-responder feature lets your subscribers know when their messages have been received and will automatically send the messages to their inbox.

But, what about the other features? This isn’t the best part of the package. What’s great about aweber is that they have an affordable pricing plan for their services and tools. While this might be a con for some, it’s not a huge one. There are some other decent email marketing software packages that come with similar features that include Aweber and GetResponse.

Another con, that might make you look into another product is that they don’t offer any automatic follow-up or email automation. These are features that can really save time and make your campaign more effective. With the help of these products you’ll be able to set up auto responses and follow-ups to your customers and prospects. If you want to automate all of the actions associated with your campaign you can. That’s a big plus when it comes to this email automation service.

The bottom line is that most people will find that the features and benefits listed above are well worth the price of the subscription. If you’re looking for an email marketing automation solution, then I’d definitely recommend them. Theirs is the top rated solution for business owners and online marketers looking to automate their business processes. You too can get emails sent to your leads, automatically followed up, get emails on landing pages and much more with the help of Aweber and GetResponse.

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