A Single TCP Connection Is Not Good enough To Be Trusted With SSL Certificates

Bluehost is a well known web hosting company based in Houston Texas. It’s one of the twenty biggest web hosts, with more than two million domain names under its belt. The company was started back in 1995 and has grown ever since, establishing it as one of the best web hosts around.

BlueHost Review (2021) - Is it Really The Best Host Around?

In the month of February of this year, the company officially launched its latest product – the bluehost forums. These forums are one of many features that the company boasts about on its website. In addition to the forums, bluehost offers several other services, including cheap web hosting, database support, and domain registration. All of these services are offered for a monthly fee.

In addition to the forums, the company recently launched a new product: the bluehost SSL certificate. The SSL certificate is an important tool for securing online transactions. SSL certificates are issued through the secure connection page, which is part of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. According to the security experts over at NSS Network, a group from San Francisco, bluehost has obtained the SSL certificate from the SSL Working Group.

The SSL certificate ensures that the website you are trying to access is safe. In the recent years, many websites have been attacked by hackers who are looking for ways on how they can steal information from the users and use them to their advantage. Through the SSL certificates, web browsers will be able to determine if the website they are trying to access is safe or not. Once the browser signs up with a trusted host, they can then go ahead to browse the requested site.

Currently, the SSL certificate that comes with the Bluehost site works perfectly fine. However, the website does not support all the major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari yet. This is because February is the month that the latest version of these three browsers comes out. Users who use FireFox and Internet Explorer should make sure that they update their operating system or they can still use the website.

Although there are other major hosting providers that do offer the support for different web browsers, none of them have managed to get themselves signed up with the major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. This is probably the reason why a lot of people still use Bluehost for their SSL certificate needs. There are some people who are still using the old version of the secure-socket-layers even though it has already been deemed as a “broken” program by the leading security experts over at NSS Network.